Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Still Sore, Now Burned & Hoarse

So Mike & I were at Polaris yesterday for Ozzfest just over 12 hours, and standing in 90+ degree weather under the naked sun for the vast majority of that. It was STUPID hot, and the crowd combined with the movement combined with the unrelenting sun was rough.

Oh, and Ozzy cancelled, which meant no Sabbath, which meant one less band, though Maiden did a little extra as a result.

Still, despite the downsides (which resulted in a pretty good sunburn despite two layers of sunblock), it was a good show. I really enjoyed seeing Soilwork and especially Black Label Society. Other highlights were Rob Zombie and of course, Iron Maiden, who I believe does the best live show I've ever seen -- even a stripped down version which wasn't meant to be the headlining act.

Gotta go - might write more on the show later.