Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PQ Update, Shadowbox Podcast!

PQ's surgery went well... and was a good deal cheaper then they originally estimated. When they got in there, the vet was able to confirm that it was just a stopped-up oil gland cyst. They still removed it just to be safe, and drained another he had on his leg that we didn't know about. But they're nothing to worry about, and other than being kind of dopey and needing to get his stitches out in a couple weeks, he'll be fine. It's basically the same thing I had removed from my back a couple years ago - PQ just wanted to be more like Daddy. The other funny thing is that because of where his stitches are, the vet recommended putting him in a child's t-shirt to keep him from fussing with it (rather than a cone-head). I'm not normally a fan of clothing for pets, but vet's orders and all.. Evie gave big brother PQ one of her onesies (with the bottom cut off) - here's Evie helping PQ recuperate:

In other news, Shadowbox now has a (video) podcast! Ownage.

PQ's Surgery

Pasquale's getting surgery today (at this very moment, I'd imagine) to get a lump on his side removed. It's been there for about a year (maybe even a bit longer?) and doesn't seem to be too serious, but it has gotten a decent amount larger in that time, and they're going to remove it and send it off to the labs for analysis just to be safe. I feel so bad for the little guy! Think good thoughts.

Been kind of a crazy busy week for us - Amy at home especially. Amy's already summed up most of it on Evie's page , but to summarize the highlights of the past and coming week, starting from last Friday:
  • Hit La Chatelaine for lunch b/c I was craving a Croque Monsieur. Well, they ran out JUST before I got to order - "sorry, we're out - no more for 45 minutes! You should try this instead, it's very tasty!" Person2: "Or this, try this, you'll like it" Person1: "Yes, you try this!" Me: "Go f-yourself, I wanted a damn Croque Monsieur, I don't want this other shit!" ... Ok, well of course I didn't actually say that -- but I was pretty grumpy to the lunch crowd (including Amy & Evie!), since that was the only reason I'd suggested the place at all...
  • Saturday Nana & Grandpa babysat while Amy & I saw The Da Vinci Code. It was a pretty decent movie. Still not a huge fan of Tom Hanks in the role, but all the major cast did a good job, and it was a solid adaptation. A few logical changes (for timing, etc), a few very odd changes (maybe to make it "easier to follow"? -- oddly enough they seem to make it more controversial), but still, worth seeing, especially for fans of the book.
  • Sunday was church, errands, and brunch at La Chatelaine so I finally got my Croque Monsieur.
  • Monday was the holiday - cookout & hanging out @ my parents house. Evie slept almost all day, which was very odd...
  • Yesterday we had our new freezer delivered, the driveway sealed, and finished collecting up and hauled out all our collected basement crap to the curb.
  • Today is PQ's surgery, the freezer guy returning to check out a dent, bulk pickup comes to GET all that crap.
  • Tomorrow is Crazy From The Heat at Shadowbox.
  • Saturday we're doing Dream Dinners.
  • Also this weekend is the Columbus Arts Festival and the Troy Strawberry Festival. I hope to do at LEAST one of those, and I guess it's remotely possible we'll end up doing both...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Pesky Bill of Rights

It just seems to get in the way doesn't it?
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances
And that's just the First Amendment. There's also the Fourth, with it's pesky laws about unlawful search and seizure, and the Fifth, with it's silly due process.

Is it 2009 yet? Or will we just get more of the same? I don't exactly have high hopes for things to turn-around. In fact, in Ohio I'm pretty sure that this asshole will be our next governor. After all, he's used to "helping" close elections [pdf].

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost Rules, No more TV...

The Lost season finale was definitely worth it. Even in the first 30 minutes it was MUCH improved over last season's anti-climactic finaly, and they had a good mix of revelations while still progressing things AND setting up a couple (maybe three even?) great cliffhangers for next season. I already can't wait, and it's not until SEPTEMBER. In the meantime, you can brush up on all the little crazy details, secrets, revelations, etc, at the VERY awesome Lostpedia. (Warning: If you haven't seen any of this season's episodes -- the site is VERY spoiler-heavy). You can also fill up the off-season following the Lost Experience ARG (alternate reality game).

Speaking of nothing to do until September, Lost was the pretty much the last of them -- all our shows are now over for the season. Doctor Who still has a few episodes, and I think The Sopranos and Big Love might as well, but all the standard network fare is over. I guess we'll have a lot less TV to watch and a lot more time to play with and stare at Evie instead. I'm also keeping my eye out for good off-season shows - for example, season 3 of The 4400 starts up in a couple weeks -- so if you see anything else good, let me know.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mothers Day, TV

So this past weekend was Amy's first Mother's Day. As we've done the past few years, we hit up brunch at the Blackwell. It's kind of pricy, but they go all-out with one heck of an awesome spread, and we had a great time. I only wish I'd been able to eat even more - there were so many great options that I just couldn't fit it all in.

I've been following the various fall TV season announcements the networks have been making. So far I've seen at least bits & pieces of NBC, ABC, and CBS. It's hard to find a really comprehensive compilation of all the news about it out there so far -- times like this I really do miss the Entertainment Weekly subscription. Anyway, from what I've gathered, the following shows on my DVR are returning for next Fall:
  • LOST
  • CSI
  • House
  • NCIS (without Mark Harmon? This may get dropped)
  • Cold Case
  • Without A Trace
  • Numb3rs
  • Ghost Whisperer (this too may get dropped...)
  • My Name Is Earl
  • Doctor Who (assuming Sci-Fi picks up the 2nd BBC season which is already airing)
...yeah. Just looking at that is pretty scary. I watch WAY WAY too much television. 9.5 hours per week there. 24, I understand, HAS been renewed for three more years, but I assume as usual won't be coming back until January or so so that it can run uninterrupted. I haven't seen anything from FOX yet, so I'm only guessing about House, but how could it NOT be back? On top of those, I'm interested in the following new shows:
  • NBC: Heroes
  • NBC: Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
  • ABC: Six Degrees
  • ABC: Day Break (mid-season mix with LOST)
  • ABC: The Nine
Should be interesting. I'm guessing that I'll have to find things in both lists to trim out as Evie takes up more and more of our time, and I'm sure some things in there will crap out anyway, so it should all even out. Besides, who needs that much TV anyway?