Monday, August 01, 2005

Sore and Cranky

Well, it was a pretty eventful weekend, but as usual it taxes my memory just to think of what I did only a few days ago. I know Friday we got out of training a little early, and I used the jump-start on the weekend to get the yard work done. It wasn't quite as oppressive heat-wise Friday afternoon as the last time I mowed, so that was nice. After Amy got home we went out to Quaker Steak & Lube for dinner, then did the (ooooo) grocery shopping. I can tell you're excited by the thrill-a-minute life here. ;)

Saturday we took it easy for the most part, but we did take the dogs (PQ and Emma) to the pet trail at Highbanks. It was still wicked hot, but we did a good portion of the trail. If we'd had more water with us we might've done the full thing, but between us and the dogs we went through our limited supply pretty quick. Emma was also being a little frustrating in that she kept finding interesting scents and locking on them, either staying put and not moving without some serious coaxing, or trying to head off into the brush... This was her first walk with us in a trail-environ like that, so I'm sure she'll get better...

Sunday was the big day, as Amy & I helped Randy and Heather move into their new place. Of course, all three apartments were on the 2nd floor (and the new place has a 3rd floor/attic to boot). So yeah, LOTS of stairs, lots of heavy crap, etc. Thankfully we also had lots of people. A full gang of folks showed up, and they rented a truck, and they were mostly packed, so it went very smoothly. The sheer amount of stuff took two trips with the truck, but it was a good time. They bought us pop and pizza, so I can't complain. The best part was Heather's HUGE couch - there was no way it was going in through the winding stairs or narrow kitchen... so the only option was lifting it into the balcony. It didn't look possible, but somehow they stood it on end (on the railing for the porch) and we hauled it up and over into the balcony. Good times.

So today I'm sore, I get a late start (but thankfully wasn't TOO late to work), and my boss moves my performance review which was scheduled for this morning. I don't really enjoy the performance management process, so it irks me when I get geared up for it and then it doesn't happen... Blech.

Ozzfest tomorrow. More soreness to come on Wednesday.