Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ahh, Vacation

Earlier this week Amy & I took our last pre-parenthood vacation, heading down to Glenlaurel Inn in the Hocking Hills for a brief yet incredibly relaxing and much needed vacation. Our goal (sure to take many years' time) is to eventually stay at least once in each of their rooms. This time around we were in the MacKenzie Royal Suite. The story being that in the olden days, Scottish nobles would always keep one suite or room always ready in case the king or queen decided to stop by for the night. It was a really nice room, a little larger than the pictures make it out to be.

While we were there, Amy was a serious champ and we hiked Cedar Falls, Ash Cave. and Glenlaurel's own Camusfearna Gorge. Not too shabby! Pictures of the nature-type scenes, and a few of the room are here. There wasn't really any snow on the ground (it did snow briefly while we were there, but didn't stick), but there were lots of great icicles along the cliffs:

I think we even managed to capture a couple pretty decent pictures of me in the process as well. Can't beat that.

We came back Tuesday night and were still off on Wednesday for some relaxation around the house and to get a few errands done. Unfortunately Mr. Migraine paid me an unwelcome visit, so I had to turn in early on the errands, but I did manage to make it through a visit to baby Alison! She's an awesome girl, and even at less than two weeks old was a lot of fun - she makes some seriously funny faces. Can't believe it's just over a month now until Baby T comes along...