Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Still In Tact, The Evidence

Well, I'm still in one peace, and the healing process is coming along pretty nicely. At this point, it's really just down to some achiness at times, and the "steri-strips" (basically tape which takes the place of stitches on small incisions) are still hanging on, but all-in-all, things seem to have gone well.

I've mentioned it before, but I still contend that DVR is a larger contributor to my brain-rot than video games, regular TV, and the Internet all put together. You'd think that after we got the dual-tuner DVR box with more storage space, Amy & I would have trouble keeping up with everything being recorded.... but you'd be wrong. Instead, we keep adding new shows to the DVR schedule just so that we can keep it stocked with things to watch. I'm thinking we may need to join a 12-step program.

Anyway, the newest thing I threw on to check out was the pilot episode of ABC's The Evidence. I've been a fan of Orlando Jones since the "Make 7-Up Yours" commercials, and the premise sounded SOMEWHAT interesting... (that you see the evidence first and have to try and piece it all together, then see what it's actually from as the show rolls on). Anyway, I WANTED to like it - but I was VERY unimpressed. The acting felt REALLY stilted from both leads (Jones and Rob Estes) - there was a lot of "buddy movie" type lines but they felt SO forced, I don't know that the chemistry is really there between them. The show itself, aside from the attempt at the new spin with the evidence thing (which is VERY minor), is just another Law & Order / CSI rip-off crime drama, and didn't really present anything new. Because I really dig Orlando Jones, I may give one more episode a shot, but right now this one's a definite pass for me.