Friday, March 10, 2006

Lists of Bests: Mindless Web Fun

So I'm newly re-addicted to Lists of Bests. It's been acquired by the Robot Co-Op and tied into 43places, 43things, and All Consuming, and revamped with all kinds of new goodness. The downside is that it didn't retain the things I'd already marked as "consumed" from the old Lists of Bests site... but the upside is that it's got a new fresh look and snazzy new features - the ability to create your own lists being among the best, definitely.

Recently at TechCrunch they posted a really awesome looking preview of Google's forthcoming online web calendar, CL2. I've checked out a number of the many new webcals so far, including 30Boxes, Spongecell, Eventful, Kiko, and Planzo... honestly they're all pretty much the same with maybe ONE distinguishing feature or focus for each. CL2's integration with Gmail alone should be enough to push it through to the next level -- basically it's moving towards more of an MS Exchange-level of integration. I'm really excited to try it out, so hopefully it makes it out of private status soon.