Monday, April 24, 2006

Two Weeks Later, Sci-Fi Day Pass

Been two weeks since Evie was born, and they've went by in a flash. As we've done for the past 9 months, I'll still keep most of the purely Evie-talk over at her page, but that doesn't mean that this will be purely devoid of baby-mention. Still, for baby-talk and pics, be sure to stay on top of things there.

Because Amy is the awesomest wife/new mom ever, I did get to hit the 23rd Annual Ohio Science Fiction Movie Marathon this past weekend. Since Evie was originally due on the 20th, it was really unlikely that I'd be going, but since she came early and friends & family were available to help out, Dad & I did get to go, which was awesome. We've been going every year since I was in middle school (I'm pretty sure 1990 was the first year we went), and it's a heck of a lot of fun. These days Gary and Hutch come too, as well as other folks depending on availability. The highlights of this year's marathon for me were definitely Godzilla: Final Wars (which I hadn't seen) and Serenity and Forbidden Planet (which I had seen before - the latter quite a few times). They also showed about 6 Batman serials from the early 1940s (during WWII) which were hysterical - so different from anything they'd show today - Batman got knocked out at LEAST once per episode, sometimes more often, and was constantly getting bailed out by Robin and even Alfred!

Getting ready to go back to work later this week, which means polishing off yard work and such so that Amy will be able to just relax and hang out with Evie during the days. Found out that we've got a robin's nest on our fence. We didn't really want one because the dogs might bother it / get into it, but after tearing down two completed nests, it came back a third time and now there are eggs in it, so I'll just try and leave it be and keep them safe:

There's three little eggs under the proud parent there. I don't think the dogs know about the nest, so lets hope that things stay that way. You'd think that even in a neighborhood without any mature trees like ours, there's still GOT to be a safer/better place to nest, but hey, I guess for a bird this persistent, we can allow a little backyard squatter.