Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Illness, April 1st Fun, Further Evidence

So I'm pretty well recovering from the plague that struck me down last week. Unfortunately, I've passed it along to Amy, who isn't open to get the same NyQuil/DayQuil benefits that got me through last week. I feel really bad and hope that it makes it's way through pretty quickly.

We did have a pretty good weekend. Saturday I spent a good portion of the morning checking out all the various Internet April Fools shenanigans that were out there. I think the overall quality was a hair down this year (perhaps because it was a Saturday?), but there was still enough good stuff out there to make for an enjoyable hour or two. The nice thing about April Fools Day on the Internet these days is that most folks are wise to the games now and basically nothing is taken seriously that goes up, is announced, or changes on 4/1. Which means the malice is gone and it's just fun. Although a lot of the original pranks are gone now, this is a pretty comprehensive list of what WAS there. Some of the standouts for me were Google Romance, My Little Pony the RPG, Burgercraft, and Wikipedia's homepage, which was redone with all fictional stuff. Of those, all are still up except for the Wikipedia changes.

As promised, I gave the Evidence another shot. This episode was definitely MUCH better than the pilot, especially as far as the acting and dialogue goes - Estes and Jones felt a lot more natural and not as forced... so it wasn't BAD like the pilot was, but it also really wasn't all that stellar - falling into a "meh" category that might get it watched every now and then, but definitely isn't going to earn it a place in the already way-too-crowded regular viewing schedule. The gimmick of seeing the evidence first and last isn't holding up well either... it's somewhat intruiging, but not really all that earth-shattering. Ah well, still LOTS of other TV to watch, not like I needed one more show.