Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Fun

Well, I've almost made it through my third day back at work. It hasn't been as bad as I expected getting back into the swing of things here - though Wednesday itself was pretty tough.

Luckily, to keep me going through the brain-drain, the Intarwub (primarily YouTube) has provided entertainment:
  • Heat Vision and Jack -- this is a pilot for a TV show with Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson that was DOA. This is one of the most entertaining things I've seen in quite some time - it's so ridiculous.
  • For the comic book folks - Civil War reenactments? Try SECRET WARS reenactments!
  • C For Cookie - Sesame Street meets facism, anarchy is gluttony?
  • Though it's still more than a month away, you may want to start getting ready to celebrate the National Day of Slayer - June 6th, 2006.