Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PQ's Surgery

Pasquale's getting surgery today (at this very moment, I'd imagine) to get a lump on his side removed. It's been there for about a year (maybe even a bit longer?) and doesn't seem to be too serious, but it has gotten a decent amount larger in that time, and they're going to remove it and send it off to the labs for analysis just to be safe. I feel so bad for the little guy! Think good thoughts.

Been kind of a crazy busy week for us - Amy at home especially. Amy's already summed up most of it on Evie's page , but to summarize the highlights of the past and coming week, starting from last Friday:
  • Hit La Chatelaine for lunch b/c I was craving a Croque Monsieur. Well, they ran out JUST before I got to order - "sorry, we're out - no more for 45 minutes! You should try this instead, it's very tasty!" Person2: "Or this, try this, you'll like it" Person1: "Yes, you try this!" Me: "Go f-yourself, I wanted a damn Croque Monsieur, I don't want this other shit!" ... Ok, well of course I didn't actually say that -- but I was pretty grumpy to the lunch crowd (including Amy & Evie!), since that was the only reason I'd suggested the place at all...
  • Saturday Nana & Grandpa babysat while Amy & I saw The Da Vinci Code. It was a pretty decent movie. Still not a huge fan of Tom Hanks in the role, but all the major cast did a good job, and it was a solid adaptation. A few logical changes (for timing, etc), a few very odd changes (maybe to make it "easier to follow"? -- oddly enough they seem to make it more controversial), but still, worth seeing, especially for fans of the book.
  • Sunday was church, errands, and brunch at La Chatelaine so I finally got my Croque Monsieur.
  • Monday was the holiday - cookout & hanging out @ my parents house. Evie slept almost all day, which was very odd...
  • Yesterday we had our new freezer delivered, the driveway sealed, and finished collecting up and hauled out all our collected basement crap to the curb.
  • Today is PQ's surgery, the freezer guy returning to check out a dent, bulk pickup comes to GET all that crap.
  • Tomorrow is Crazy From The Heat at Shadowbox.
  • Saturday we're doing Dream Dinners.
  • Also this weekend is the Columbus Arts Festival and the Troy Strawberry Festival. I hope to do at LEAST one of those, and I guess it's remotely possible we'll end up doing both...