Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PQ Update, Shadowbox Podcast!

PQ's surgery went well... and was a good deal cheaper then they originally estimated. When they got in there, the vet was able to confirm that it was just a stopped-up oil gland cyst. They still removed it just to be safe, and drained another he had on his leg that we didn't know about. But they're nothing to worry about, and other than being kind of dopey and needing to get his stitches out in a couple weeks, he'll be fine. It's basically the same thing I had removed from my back a couple years ago - PQ just wanted to be more like Daddy. The other funny thing is that because of where his stitches are, the vet recommended putting him in a child's t-shirt to keep him from fussing with it (rather than a cone-head). I'm not normally a fan of clothing for pets, but vet's orders and all.. Evie gave big brother PQ one of her onesies (with the bottom cut off) - here's Evie helping PQ recuperate:

In other news, Shadowbox now has a (video) podcast! Ownage.