Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dream Dinners, Strawberries, 6/6/06

Dream Dinners
As mentioned previously, Saturday morning Amy & I tried out Dream Dinners in Westerville. Amy's already talked about it on Evie's page, but I wanted to get my own say in as well. Beforehand, I was unsure about the price, as it's a lot of upfront money to put out, but we had a lot of fun there putting everything together, and it's looking like it'll actually work out to be a really good deal. It is a lot of upfront money, but we made 12 meals (11 entrees and a dessert). The meals typically serve 4-6, so of those we split 9 of them (including the dessert) into two portions, making 19 meals and two desserts. Since then, we've had two of the split meals and they were definitely large enough portions for both of us to eat our fill AND have enough left over for me to take to lunch the next day. Given the amount of money we'd probably spend at the grocery store on trips for all those meals, let alone the time and energy we'd spend prepping everything... I can safely give a strong recommendation for Dream Dinners.

Strawberry Love
Sunday we went down to Troy to hit up the Troy Strawberry Festival with Gary, Irene, Jeremy & Alaina. At the festival we met up with Amy's cousin Emily and her friend Dan too. It did rain off and on while we were there, and I got pretty soaked while waiting in the ridiculous line for butterfly fries (or twister chips, or shaved potatoes, or whatever). They were good. Still, I'll take the rain over the 92-some degree heat and humidity of last year. Strawberry-food summary:
  • Deep-fried strawberries
  • Strawberry pizza (I had some of Amy's)
  • Strawberries & Chocolate (some of Irene's)
  • Strawberry & Lemon Cooler (like a Lemon Shake-up but with strawberry goo too)
  • Strawberry salsa (some of Emily's)
  • Strawberry donuts
They were all tasty, but the deep-fried strawberries and the cooler stood out above the rest. And of course, the strawberry donuts ROCK. Jeremy's a total champ for taking on the 1.5 hour line to get us some hot & fresh donuts. They were fantabulous. For NON-strawberry food I had a bloomin' onion, the aforementioned butterfly fries, and roasted sweet corn. Mmmm tasty.

June 6, 2006 -- or 6/6/06 as it were. As you might expect there are all kinds of tie-ins to this. As I mentioned previously, it's the National Day of Slayer. They're releasing an EP exclusively to Hot Topics today with at least one new song on it, and I believe they're doing a t-shirt thing for it as well.

Elsewhere, they're having a party in the real-life town of Hell, Michigan. (I think all Buckeye fans aren't surprised to find out Hell is located in Michigan).

The Omen remake comes out today. It looks pretty decent, but I'm not sure why a remake was really needed.

There's plenty more places talking about it as well... Apparently some bookmaking websites are even making odds on the world ending today. Not really sure how you'd collect on that bet though.