Thursday, July 28, 2005

Luck O The Italians

Or something like that.

It's been a crazy, crazy week. Spending the vast majority of each day (except Monday) at a training workshop this week, learning the JAWS screen-reading software, to both provide support for it if needed, as well as use it to help develop better, more accessible pages. It's been a pretty good class so far, very informative and in-depth, without being overly verbose or wasting a lot of time. It's crazy how much you can do with the app.

Of course, just because I'm not spending much time in the office this week doesn't mean that there's not work to be done there, and unfortunately I had to ruin Amy & I's "date night" last night and spent almost all night catching up on some work that had to be done. Blech.

I had to do it last night since we went to 2Cos tonight. It was a good time, definitely. Randy & Heather were there as well, which was awesome. Pat & Cindy were supposed to be too, but Cindy got sick :( . I enjoyed the show - it was defintely better than Southern Comfort (which was just OK), but still not as good as Love, Laughter & Lies, which was both Amy & I's all-time favorite 2Cos show to date. It was nice seeing John back, and he was great in his stage parts, and most excellent in his band performances as well. And the 2Cos guitarist (Dan White) had me completely in awe of his geetar skeelz in their song closing the first act. I mean seriously, WOW.

And the perfect ending to the evening -- we won the nightly raffle :) Free tickets to 2Cos, a free photo shoot, some free self defense class, and a free "Passions Party". Woohoo!

I'm such a hopeless fanboy of all things Shado...