Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And The Beat Goes On

Still going. It's midweek already - when you're busy these days just fly by. Some interesting news lately:
  • Read about the Crack Tax in Tennessee today. It blows my mind. Here's a thought - when these people come in to pay this tax, how about ARRESTING THEM FOR DEALING DRUGS??!?? Seriously... "Well, this drug problem is getting pretty bad... what if we try and make some money off it in the process?"
  • Disney buys Pixar for Eleventytrillion dollars. $7.4 BILLION. Seriously. That's just obscene. It worries me, because Disney is getting desparate, and throwing out that much cash could seriously come back to bite them. Hopefully getting Jobs and his vision more involved at the House of Mouse will freshen things up and revitalize the Dis.
  • 24 Shocker: CTU has ANOTHER mole! Who'd have thought it?
Amy has a doctor's appt today and I have one tomorrow... gotta love it. The one tomorrow is INCONVENIENTLY right-smack in the middle of the day, which means I had to take a full day off. That's a pain, but at least things aren't TOO crazy here...