Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shadowbox Overload

Can't believe it's February already. And yet somehow we haven't had the Super Bowl yet. Not that I care all that much about the game, other than the obvious massive hope that the Steelers get destroyed. I don't know that I've ever rooted for the Seahawks before... hrm.

Anyway, yesterday I called the Shadowbox box office and made a passel of reservations, for as follows:
  • 2Cos: Best Of 2Cos & The Blues Thursday 2/2 7PM
  • Shadowbox: Sex At The Box 2006 Wednesday 2/22 7:30PM
  • Shadowbox: The Who's TOMMY Sunday 2/26 2:30PM
As far as I know, there are still tickets available for all those shows, so if you're interested, go ahead and add yourselves on (and let me know so I'm not surprised by the overall group total when they call to confirm), or if you really need it, let me know and I can add you on. I'm guessing this Thursday will be too short notice for most folks, but for the other days, it's fair game.

Really looking forward to seeing them do Tommy especially. Should be a good time.

Speaking of overloads, Amy & I are still finding ourselves in a TV overload, caused at least in part by the power of our new dual-tuner DVR. Shows currently being recorded and watched on a regular basis are: CSI (all three), Without A Trace, NCIS, Cold Case, Numbers, Ghost Whisperer, Distraction, My Name Is Earl, House, 24, Lost, Veronica Mars, and Boston Legal. In addition to this, Amy has a few shows she watches that I don't care about, and ditto for me. So yeah - that's insane. Brain rot galore. I suppose we should live it up now though - in a few months, time will be a precious commodity.