Monday, February 20, 2006

Date Movie Dump

In retrospect, I probably should've known better, but over the weekend I talked Amy into going to see Date Movie with me. I had high hopes, as I thought the first Scary Movie was good, and really enjoyed the spoof Not Another Teen Movie. The SM sequels were nowhere near as good, abandoning satire and parody in favor of over-the-top farce and bathroom humor. Maybe I'm too old, but that kind of crap really doesn't do it for me. Date Movie had a few good moments, but overall was just "lets cram a whole bunch of references to other popular movies in and hope people think that's funny parody instead of worthless nonsense". Yeah... just pass on it. At BEST it's a cheap theater flick, but really it's a catch it free on TV or not at all kind of thing.

We also had dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen - that was a pretty good time. My first time there, I avoided the pizza of course, but they have lots of other great choices, including a plethora of great salad options. I had the Thai Crunch Salad (with avocado!) and Amy had the BBQ chicken salad. I liked mine better but both were good options.

Gotta run and do the grocery shopping (whoo-hoo FUN)...