Saturday, February 11, 2006

Where Did The Week Go?

Wow, missed more than a week there. What happened?

Well, the damn Superbowl was part of it. I can't believe the Steelers won again. So frustrating - especially since the Seahawks seemed to really try and win the game only to fall short with stupid penalties and dropped passes. Even more frustrating is that we're now officially all out of football until next fall. Basketball and hockey aren't bad, but I just can't get into them anywhere near as much as football - especially as far as watching them on TV goes. It doesn't help that it's nigh impossible to catch a Tampa Bay Lightning game on TV... The Cavs are a bit easier, but the games tend to be on at odd times...

In other sports news, the Winter Olympics have started over in Italy. I have trouble really getting interested in the Olympics, but especially the winter version... I'm just not really as into the events... snowboarding, skating, skiing.. meh. Fun to do, but pretty dull to watch. Nevermind the fact that the coverage these days is all recaps and 30-minute segments so we can "get to know" the athletes. Part of what I saw last night they spent 30 minutes talking to a skiier (Bode Miller I think?) about how he thought about not going to the Olympics, and didn't really want to have anything to do with the media, interviews, etc. Then WHY THE HELL DIDN'T HE JUST SAY NO? I mean the Olympics can't force the athletes to give interviews can they?

Anyway, things seem to be rolling right along these days. Amy is currently on her last (planned) work trip before the big day, getting back sometime late tonight. Can't wait to see her... not really sure what I'm going to do today, but I'm sure something will come up.

Anyway, for those looking to kill some time, check out McVideogame - obviously done to protest all the shady dealings associated with McDonalds and fast-food business in general, but ignoring all that, it's an entertaining little webgame. This mystery game wasn't too bad either. The download lets you play the full version for free for 60 minutes, which got me through the first 5 levels or so -- it was a pretty good time, though I don't know that it's anything really worth paying for. Been thinking about joining Netflix lately, since I know a lot of friends really happy with the service, and we may have a higher demand for it once Baby T comes along, but a) we already watch a lot of TV thanks to the evilness of the dual-tuner DVR, and b) something really bothers me about a company that penalizes it's best customers.