Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Forgot the Best (haha) Part!

So in recounting my weekend of fun, I forgot the best part!

Saturday night after dinner, while driving to Graeters for ice cream, my "engine charge indicator" light came on (little red battery) - checked the book, and as suspected, it means that the battery isn't charging while the car is running - most LIKELY something to do with the alternator. This is about 7:30pm on Saturday night, not long after they close for the weekend. Looks like Amy's driving until Monday.

Monday morning rolls around and we drop off the car at the shop on the way to work. Turns out that yes, it IS a problem with the alternator, which will require replacing... oh, but check this - my car's extended warranty expired SATURDAY. That's right - the day the thing actually busted. I swear they configure that stuff so that it times the breaking perfectly.

So I tell 'em to fix it anyway, get the mega-reaming walletbuster bill, and start wishing I was planning on getting a new car sooner... but it probably won't be until next year.

I actually really like my car - the only reason that I really even want to get a new one is because it's at that age where things like this will start going wrong on a (somewhat) regular basis, and that's just too damn annoying and expensive.