Monday, July 25, 2005

What Happened To The Weekend?

How is it Monday night already? Where did the weekend go? Can I even give the regular weekend wrap-up if it went by in such a blur that I have to focus to remember what all went on?

Well, anyways... Thursday I had a training workshop all day, which was pretty interesting work-wise, but pretty bland to talk about here.

Friday was the big news, as it was Amy & I's 5th wedding anniversary. We got things started on a great note by hitting up the Lunchbox show at Shadowbox. It was a GREAT time. The lunchbox shows are great, because they're a smaller crowd and you get a better chance to visit with the staff there. Additionally, they give different folks a chance on the songs and sketches, so you get to see different people in the limelight. The only bummer was that I thought Randy and Heather were going to join us, but I guess that didn't work out. For the rest of the day, as I mentioned previously, the tour of steakhouses took us to Walker Station Steak House, in Delaware. Amy had found the place on a list of Top 10 Steakhouses in the Columbus/Central Ohio area, so we thought we'd check it out. It was kind of a ways out, but since we're already starting on the north side anyway. I think we were both a little disappointed. The place wasn't as fancy as we were hoping, and the food was OK, but nothing to write home about. It definitely ranks 5/5 of the anniversary steakhouses to date. The steaks weren't bad, but came with "sauces" (garlic butter, mushroom wine, or bernaise) which were too think and kind of bland. The sides were pretty tasty, but were a bit sparse - we both got broccoli, which consisted of one (somewhat large) piece. Blah. Dessert wasn't too bad, but the pineapple upside-down cake was supposed to be served warm, and it was obviously not warmed AT ALL. Still, I had a great time having dinner with Amy, and am looking forward to 5 more years and many more beyond that... We'll just have to pick out better steak houses next year. "The Top Steakhouse" in Bexley, and The Clarmont downtown seem like top contenders for next year... but that's a long way off.

This weekend we also saw Wedding Crashers. It was a pretty funny movie (with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, how could it not be?), but the story was, as you might expect, very cliche. The main dilemma is VERY overdone and presents itself very quickly, and the story proceeds in the usual, predictable way and is resolved in the usual, predictable way. I don't normally consider myself a movie snob, but I will say I felt a little tried by the simpleness of the movie... A LITTLE innovation or complication would have been very welcome.

I'm blanking on what else we did this weekend... I'm sure there was other stuff in there, but it's not currently coming to mind. A migraine put me out most of the day on Saturday, now that I think of it, which explains why I'm having trouble remembering.

Tonight some of Amy's family came into town so we chatted for awhile and did dinner at Dave & Busters. The food there's not too bad -- kind of enh, and they dropped the appetizer I was really looking forward to, but they had pretty tasty chicken fingers. And a really intriguing booze menu that almost made me wish I drank...

Anyway, the odd work schedule continues, as today was my only day really IN the office - the rest of the week is in a training class learning the JAWS software. Should be interesting, and hopefully can be put to good use.

Still have some fun to look forward to as well - Thursday night we're going to 2Cos with Randy & Heather and Pat & Cindy, so that should be fun. And next week the Ohio State Fair opens, which I always look forward to each year -- gotta get my fair food fix. Also coming up very soon are a couple concerts -- Ozzfest and Gigantour. Whoot.