Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Not Quite as Rockstarry

Watched last night and tonight's Rockstar a bit earlier (gotta love DVR). It was still entertaining, with some pretty good performances, but there weren't really any real blow-away performances this time around. Hopefully they kick it back up a notch next week.

Also watched So You Think You Can Dance -- or parts of it at least. It was moderately entertaining, but quickly (very quickly) lapsed to horribly lame. I don't expect I'll be watching any more of that.

Been a pretty crazy work week so far. I was out of the office sick on Monday, in and working (but in the doldrums) yesterday, and in today and working. Tomorrow I've got an all-day workshop, and Friday I've got the day off. It's Amy & I's 5th anniversary, so we're going to the Lunchbox show (the main reason I'm taking the day off actually), and then going to dinner at Walker Station, to continue the fancy steakhouse tour. Should be a good time. The screwy week is really getting to me though - I'm having trouble keeping in mind that I do have to work tomorrow, and it's not already the weekend. Hopefully it won't make the workshop too painful.