Monday, September 12, 2005

Here's For Football

Yeah... so not a particularly great weekend for football. Went over to Beth & Paul's place on Saturday night to watch the OSU-Texas game. It was a pretty good football game, but so heartbreaking, and so frustrating to watch. I definitely have to agree with Mike about getting Stanley Jackson/Joe Germaine flashbacks and not wanting to see that again. The really frustrating thing is I can't even see how there was a question about it... one moved the ball and scored points, the other didn't. Sure, Troy Smith didn't move the ball as well as they SHOULD have (only field goals from all those turnovers is DEPRESSING), but still... and putting Zwick in when we all we need to do is move the ball into field goal range (which Smith HAD managed to do)... yeah. Fumble!!!

The Browns lost too... this didn't surprise me. The nice thing about the Browns this year is that my expectations are SO low that should they actually manage to stumble into a WIN, I'll be pleasantly surprised. There were some moments of greatness for the Browns in the game, that was nice.