Monday, September 19, 2005

Where'd the Weekend Go?

Yeah... so that wasn't much of a weekend, I suppose.

Saturday Amy had a bunch of stuff to do in the morning, so I spent most of the time she was gone trying to get as much of the housework done as possible, so that we could enjoy the rest of the weekend. The last thing on her list for the morning/early afternoon had been to take her car in for an oil change and get the brakes checked. Turns out she needed new pads, which are pricey (though could be worse)... and takes time. She wasn't feeling too hot, so she called me to come pick her up rather than waiting two hours. By the time I made it over there, it wasn't going to take all THAT much longer, so I decided we could go to my parents' house and she could relax there.

Well, my Dad was there, and his foot had really been bothering him... He had told Mom not to worry about it and go to the OSU game anyway, but was considering how he was going to drive himself to the urgent care when we showed up. So I took Dad to Urgent Care, once they took him back, I headed back, took Amy back to the car place, then headed back to Urgent Care to get Dad. Turns out, they wanted him to go to the Emergency Room b/c it could be a number of things which they couldn't diagnose or treat in the urgent care. So I took him up to the ER. Luckily, they were showing the OSU game in the lobby. The ER was, of course, very slow... they took an x-ray, ran a bunch of tests, etc...

We were planning on hitting up MadLab Saturday night (had tickets and everything), but the window on that slips by while in the ER. Thankfully, Amy's a superstar and called them and got them to apply the tickets to another show. Saturday was their last "Choose Your Fate" superhero show, but their other stuff looks interesting too. Also around this point, my Mom calls Amy b/c she can't find my Dad... so she winds up leaving the game early and meeting us at the ER. Thankfully, when the tests came back, it looks like it's nothing mega-serious - they're "mostly sure" he has gout. Yuck. Very not fun and painful, but treatable.

That was pretty much Saturday. Sunday I worked move-in day all morning from the Schott, went out to lunch with Amy at Walt's 50s Diner, and went grocery shopping... And that's about it. Yeah. And here I am at work, first week of the quarter, woo-hoo!

This should be a pretty damn good week for TV. Haven't watched last night's new Rome yet, but looking forward to doing so. Most of the fall seasons premiere this week - Lost, CSI, etc. Additionally, the Rockstar: INXS finale is this week. I'm 95% sure that JD is going to win, which is somewhat disappointing, but both Amy & I find ourselves hating him slightly less... I think he's toned down the dickery somewhat, and he's definitely very talented. I'm still pulling for MiG, but I guess I'll be happy with any of the final three. Still really hoping I'm wrong about JD though. There are enough mega-ego frontmen in the biz already.