Thursday, September 15, 2005


It's the busy time of year at work, and I've got a bunch of things that need done, but I've gotta throw these links up here, they're histerical..

  • Gillette is making a FIVE-BLADED RAZOR. Because obviously four blades just can't cut it. The best part is this was predicted by The Onion early last year, in a hysterical little article. And Mad Magazine called the "blade wars" way back in the 70s, which you can see some of here. It's just insane. And each new multi-blade cartridge gets more and more expensive. I've been going backwards in the razor technology simply because they're so damn pricey.
  • Forget regular Velvet Elvii... you need a Velvet Yoda Elvis. More crazy black velvet art here.
  • If you're at all familiar with the concept of Magic: The Gathering, check out Katrina: The Gathering. It's hysterical. Sure to offend a lot of folks, but madly funny nonetheless.
  • Speaking of offending folks, this dude is batshit psycho.