Tuesday, September 13, 2005


So thanks to the wonders of HBO On-Demand, I've seen the first three episodes of the new HBO/BBC original series Rome. I have to say I'm really happy about what I've seen so far. It definitely appeals to the history-bug in me, being set in "the epic days of Rome" (basically the same timeframe as Shakespeare's Julius Caesar).

The story is decent, but nothing spectacular - I'm not sure how much of that is writing and how much of that is the constraints of historical fiction, but still, it's not bad, just could be better. The acting is very good (all British folks), and the scenery, costumes, sets, etc are all AMAZING. Randy tells me this is supposedly the most expensive TV series ever made, and I could totally see how that would be the case... it doesn't feel stripped-down at all, very epic, very high-quality movie-esque.

If you have HBO, I definitely recommend checking it out. If you don't, well it's an HBO series so it'll definitely come out on DVD.