Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Going from a pretty extended period where the only thing I was interested on tube-wise was Rockstar, we're now solidly into Fall Season Premiere Week. All kinds of good stuff coming back into action.

This week's Rome was just enh ... kind of a treading-water kind of episode in between major events it seemed. The side-story (about a Centurian's family) was pretty interesting, but the main dance with Caesar and the gang was kind of boring. Hopefully things pick up again next week.

The Rockstar: INXS finale was this week. As I predicted/feared some time ago, JD won. I do have to admit that he's a very talented guy, and his style seems to mesh pretty well with the band... but man it always sucks when the dickheads win. I don't feel quite as cheated as I have with some of the other reality-TV screwjobs I've gotten sucked into in the past, and both Amy & I feel a lot less opposed to JD then we used to be. The jury is out on what I'll think of the "new INXS", but I do still have my eye out for an INXS "best of" album, and I'm sorely tempted by the Rock Star: A Night At the Mayan Theater CD. Especially b/c it's got Jordis's version of "The Man Who Sold The World", which is probably my favorite song from the series.

Since FOX started their fall season a week earlier than most, I've now seen two episodes this season of Bones and House. I'm extremely underwhelmed by Bones... it seems to be just another CSI wannabe show, with nothing to really distinguish it from the scores of other crime drama shows... blah characters, blah stories. House though... I only watched one episode of it last year, and was really unimpressed. Both episodes I've seen of this season, however, I've really dug - I think it's extremely well-done. It also cracks me up that the main star (the guy who plays Dr. House) used to be the idiot on the Black Adder shows... so very different characters.

Lost premieres tonight. I'm still mad at them for the complete, horrible, horrible, non-resolving ANYTHING cliffhanger from last season. That won't stop me from eagerly watching tonight, however.

Mmm... boob-tube brain-rot.