Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend Ups and Downs

A pretty bi-polar weekend, to be sure.

Saturday we were supposed to be going to the Ohio RenFest with some friends. I went last year but Amy was out of town for work and couldn't go. I think she would really enjoy it, and have really been looking forward to going... but sadly, Amy was really having a rough day Saturday, woke up pretty sick and wasn't going to be able to go. We were going to be driving folks in the van. I was originally still going to go, so I took the van out to get some gas and I heard this thumping... sounded like a flat tire, so I pulled over to check it out... but it wasn't flat. Was walking around to check the other side when I saw a huge bolt sticking out of the tread. So... plans cancelled, instead I went to NTB and got a new tire. Fun fun. The upside was I got to watch some of the OSU game. Didn't get to watch the whole thing, b/c we had to get out to Grove City and pick up Amy's nightstand from the Kittles warehouse. Still, nice seeing OSU give the Hawkeyes a clubberin.

Sunday was a much better day... we headed down to Via Colori 2005. It was a pretty cool setup. I was disappointed by the very limited food options (like two places), but there was some really awesome artwork. I wish I'd brought the camera - going to have to remember that next year. Luckily some folks on flickr took some pics. After that we had lunch at the North Market, then saw Corpse Bride. I really dug the movie - it was kind of short (about 75 mins, maybe even a little less), but a nice little story. Very cool stuff, highly recommended.